Hawthorne Kennel's English Cockers for breeding:

Hawthorne's Black Eyed Pea (Fergie)
Parents Grandparents Gr. Grandparents  
FC  Hawthorne's Sasquatch NFC FC   Creignant Mordred
'02 US National Championship Winner
EFC Larford Cateran
'99 UK Championship Winner
Larford Emma  
NFC FC   Mallowdale Naomi
'04 & '07 UK Championship Winner
EFC Mallowdale Rackatear  
Jenoren Gypsy Of Squareclose  
FC EFC Chyknell Judy EFC Danderw Druid
'06 UK Championship Winner
EFC Mallowdale Rackatear  
EFC Towyshingle Stella Of Danderw  
EFC Chyknell Jessica EFC Wernffrwd Siarl  
Canalside Susan Of Chyknell  

EFC = English Field Champion

FC = U.S. Field Champion
NFC = U.S. National Championship
FTW = Field Trial Winner - U.K./U.S.
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